The area of the old Rižarna in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is located in the city quarter of Bežigrad. On the eastern side, it borders the Sports Park Savsko naselje, and on the southern and western sides, it borders the intersection of Linhartova cesta and Topniška street. On the northern side stands the former rižarna, which is an abandoned factory and has been placed in the registry of cultural heritage.

It is a wider degraded area that is in urgent need of restoration. It is located in a compact urban fabric and therefore, the restoration could trigger the development of life in the local community.

The chosen location consists of two individual parts separated by an unorganized footpath. There is a macadam-surfaced parking lot next to the former Rižarna, and it is surrounded by billboards that separate it from the road. The northeastern part is a degraded and overgrown dormant construction site.

South of the location stand the neighbourhoods Savsko naselje and Župančičeva jama. To the northeast is a long strip of sports surfaces that starts with a BMX track, continues with a tennis court, a basketball court and a skatepark. There is an autonomous zone PLAC located east of the site, which is very active. The faculty of social work and students housing are located to the north of the site.

The area around the site is densely populated and therefore open public spaces are necessary.