Tips and suggestions

Jury Statement:

It is difficult to design a successful outdoor project without a landscape architect. But there are other profiles involved in the design. We are looking for multidisciplinary teams that promote and stimulate collaboration between the disciplines: Landscape architecture, architecture industrial design, visual arts, sociology and relevant social sciences. Organize a diverse team!

No site is blank, there is always history and there is always context. Work with layers of time and translate them into something new, fit for the future. If you find something interesting, write about that in the submission material.

Think about the wellbeing of all species, consider the soil, invite insects and birds.

Deal with stormwater input/output. Make all elements storm/climate-resilient.

Consider micro-climate, what heats up and what cools down.

Deal with atmosphere, the character of the place. Try to avoid realistic renders and be more creative and abstract. Include photos of models, collages, drawings, experiments, mood-boards … Think laterally, create an ambience, include some of the references from arts, culture, pick a song for your site. You are designing experience.

Put some effort into the presentation, your submission will be judged by the jury and published on the competition website.