Steam Machine

Hanover / Germany /
Team: Dag-Ole Ziebell / Frederik Ast /
Jury Statement:

The selected planning perimeter is located in the district of Linden-Mitte, on the northern border to Linden-Nord. It is a former industrial district with dense development and a high number of inhabitants per square kilometer. As the climate map Linden (Fig.3) shows, some industrial and commercial areas are still located near the perimeter. It is also apparent that the „Lost Site“ is one of the few contiguous open spaces with a cooling effect in an otherwise highly urbanized area. There also is the poten- tial to promote morning cold air flow over Lindener Berg (Hill), which is located further south. More significantly, the area has remained largely free of development. The high density of biomass and associated evapotranspiration effect make the area one of bioclimatic importance for the urban district and its inhabitants.