Site Rejuvenation

Winnipeg / Canada /
Team: Kanika Mehta /
Jury Statement:

The site for my project is the University of Manitoba premises. The site includes Dafoe Road and South to Freedman Crescent, East to Maclean Crescent, and West to University Crescent.

These are some pictures showing the present existing conditions on the site.

To being with the Site analysis, the first thing that I worked on was the Existing Circulation pattern. As you can see, the circulation especially for the pathways shows a very confusing and discontinuous pattern.

The tree cover area on the site is significantly less when compared to the area occupied by the buildings and the parking lots. We can see more tree cover along Dafoe Road, but as we move towards the Maclean crescent and the Freedman Crescent roads, the vegetation or tree cover becomes sparse and fragmented.

The amount of area occupied by the parking lots. Let’s talk about the current statistics of the Parking lots. Currently, there are 995 existing parking lots on the site, out of which I intend to remove 398 parking lots, thus reducing the parking lot area by 40%.

The major entries and exit points of the existing building. The Bold blue lines show the service entries to the buildings. This was an important aspect that was taken into consideration while proposing the circulation as the service vehicles need direct roads connected to the buildings.

My intention for the site was to create a space that can be utilized for Research by the agriculture students, an open amphitheater area, and a basketball ground near the student residence.

This is my proposed design plan for the site. I would like to talk about the various layers integrated into this design plan.

One of my intentions for the site was to improve existing circulation. My proposed circulation is designed to facilitate movement from every direction. My pathways are 2m wide each. And the major routes are 5-6 m wide to facilitate bidirectional traffic movement.

This is the proposed green space area for the site. This area will be fully covered by green grass. Most of the existing trees present on the sides of University Crescent and Dafoe Road are Siberian Elm. Though less in number than Siberian Elm, we can see many other trees like Green Ash, White Willow, Pine Oak, Amur Maple, Cedar, Basswood, etc. on the site.