Relinking through Granite

Porto / Portugal /
Team: Cassedy Wetzels / Margarida Gonçalves / Mariana Silva / Vasco Duarte Vieira /
Jury Statement:

Relinking through Granite is a landscape architecture project proposed for a forgotten plot of land in
the center of the Massarelos Valley of the northern Portuguese metropolitan city of Porto. The site has its list of challenges as being a massive granite surface, where there is a strong difference that goes from

25 meters in height, the same topography level of Avenida D. Pedro V, from were we enter the area, to the parallel street that is considered the back of the park that drop to a 5 meter level.
There isn’t any form of access because at the moment it has a wall around it, there is a big threat by real estate interventions, such as the large hotel that fits in a portion of the site. The vegetation is non-existent!