Ljubljana / Slovenia /
Team: Andreja Toporiš / Kristina Oražem / Loti Gorenc / Nina Hribar / Simona Nikolovska /
Jury Statement:

Our chosen lost site is located in the northwestern part of the capital city of Slovenia – Ljubljana. The Šiška district is one of the oldest parts of the city. This part is also known as The Old Church and is placed between the Šiška Hill and Celovška road. The location has a natural landscape and greenery border on the western side. The eastern side is bordered by a heavily trafficked city road. The area is rich in historical and cultural elements.

First important mention of the area is from Roman times. It served as a Roman aqueduct, which the Romans led from Šiška Hill, through the area all the way to Emona – Ancient Roman settlement.

St. Bartholomew’s church also named The Old Church is one of the oldest church buildings in Ljubljana first mentioned in 1370, redesigned by famous Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik and in 2009 added on the Slovenian Cultural Heritage List as a cultural monument of national significance.

Nowadays there are residential blocks with mostly public programs on the ground floors and a few commercial buildings build from the years 1981-1985.