Physarum Polycephalum

Bordeaux / France /
Team: Aubérie Vantomme / Claire Roby / Estelle Briaud / Étienne Roby / Hugo Levere / Jean-Baptiste Audubert / Nicolas Brousse / Sophie Canu /
Jury Statement:

Graduates in Landscape, Design, Art and Architecture, we chose to work together to cross our knowledge and lead this project through different perspectives.

Our reflection focuses on the openness and development of the practice of our professions, the relationship of man to his environment in the ways of arranging the space, the management of available resources, as well as the integration of art and culture in these fields of competence. Our commitment is to imagine a vision of the world, where living beings and landscapes are all connected and constantly interrelated, where plants, animals and people move and meet beyond administrative or physical boundaries. In this thought, each of the localized actions has direct impacts on the global landscape.

The garden, which can then take all possible forms, is for us a pretext to open our eyes, to question, exchange, imagine and dream collectively. We seek above all to create the meeting, the discussion so that each inhabitant can question and commit himself on the future of the places to which he is sensitive.