(not so) lost site

Brno / Czech Republic /
Team: Eliška Štainerová / Kristina Molnárová / Nina Olekšáková / Paulína Demovičová / Tomáš Koudelka /
Jury Statement:

Lost fragment of wild nature in the heart

of vibrant city center captivated us with its uniqueness and peculiar atmosphere. The majority of visitors perceives this obscure jungle from the outside, they do not enter, except for a couple of unhoused people.

However, if you are adventurous enough to step in, the wilderness will immerse you in a chaotic but at the same time mesmerizing world. Everytime we visited, the nature overwhelmed our senses with dynamically changing scene, various colors and textures, fleeting pathways, rustling sounds of the branches dancing in the wind combined with city buzz. With its countless layers it was hard for us to define the essence of the site. Eventually we acknowledged that there are static and dynamic layers of this location.