Lemon Quay- The Urban Habitat Bank

Truro / United Kingdom /

The aim is to introduce a more natural space into Truro’s centre which is currently dominated by concrete and lacks plants or water.

At one time the heart of Truro was centred around the River Kenwyn for trade purposes. The river has been covered by concrete, originally to create parking, which has been adapted into an underused piazza.

This design proposal conceptualises a river-centric city once again, however, now with the aim of creating a public landscape that incorporates the natural river into its core.

The design proposes a space that provides relief from anthropomorphic structures, but still provides the necessary space for multifunctional use as a piazza, to host events and commerce as well as being one of the city’s main circulation routes.

Ultimately by reverting the space back to one focused around water, more ecological opportunities will become present by attempting to honour the maritime heritage of the city, albeit with a modern concept.