Landscaping by Wind

London / United Kingdom /
Team: Farinoosh Hadian Jazy /
Jury Statement:

Comparing maps of cities during time shows how green spaces in our cities become separated by construction of highways, houses and etc.

For preserving the remaining vegetation in urban areas, we need to regenerate the connections between different green spaces. Through these connections, the green spaces can help each other, cure, and share. Looking back into natural world (especially in forests), the plants and trees create connections between eachothers by exchanging chemicals and seeds. The seeds can be transferred by wind, water, and animals. The chemical connection will be occurred by soil and water.

How is it possible to reconnect separated green areas in our existing cities without destruction?
We can consider London as a case study. One possible way is connecting the areas by wind dispersal. In this project I am proposing to create wind connection in our cities through landscaping. Reviewing maps of London gave me the idea to use Tube trains as wind tunnels for wind connection. The trains create artificial wind flows which can improve the wind con- nection between different green spaces.