Bradford / United Kingdom /
Team: Bill Francis / Emma Gent / Max Murrell / Ruth Webber /
Jury Statement:

Bradford is a city in West Yorkshire, England which boomed during the industrial revolution as a result of its vibrant textile industry. The natural resources of coal and stone in the region enabled the city to build and run mills (Photo 2), which led to the population growing from around 6000 at the start of the 19th Century to around 103,000 by 1850 . The mills in Bradford relied heavily on migrant workers to provide labour – in the 19th Century there was a large Irish population, while many merchants emigrated from Germany , who went on to construct large warehouses in an area subsequently named Little Germany (Photo 1). In the 20th Century, migrants from central and eastern Europe and India (including modern-day Pakistan and Bangladesh) settled in the city . Continued migration throughout the 20th Century has led to Bradford having a diverse population today – 19.7% of the population were born overseas, while 43.3% identify as not White British (the majority of those Pakistani).