Industrial Landscape Built on Past

Kharkiv / Ukraine /
Team: Caroline Mellström / Diana Moskalenko / Ivan Rybalko / Oleksandra Kirpichnikova / Sofiia Shmalko / Veronika Chertova /
Jury Statement:

The reconstruction of Ukraine will be one of the major societal challenges for the upcoming decades. At the same time as it’s difficult to think and talk about, considering the war still is going on, it also important to show the world that we and our outboard colleagues is determined to rebuild Ukraine. The reconstruction will be complex in all its scales. Memories from before and after the war, will in many cases have to interact with new physical forms and more sustainable solutions.

Landscape architects, urban planners and architects will therefore have to improve their proficiency to create new places from old building blocks. This project with its for- gotten site in the central of Kharkiv can be seen as an exercise in these skills. One for decades abandoned swimming arena that has begun to fall apart. The construction was never completed or used and is therefore lacking important cultural values, but the site offers striking views over many of the city’s most important cultural and historical buildings. By working with the existing structure, we want to create a place where people can gather around and create new art with a great view of the city’s preserved cultural history as well as its upcoming reconstruction.