In Time: Fuelling Station

Sheffield / United Kingdom /
Team: William Edwards /
Jury Statement:

With a view to inform the local community about sustainable cooking and food, we’re re-purposing a disused petrol station at the heart of London Road, Sheffield. THE FUELLING STATION presence will highlight the negative impact of emissions and non-renewable energy consumption. In addition to this, it will serve as a community garden and kitchen; further ‘fuelling’ the community.

In the form of an urban strategy, we decided to look beyond the site and explore how our manifesto of informing users on the importance of sustainable transport. This resulted in us pedestrianising London Road, ironing out inaccessible imperfections and providing greener methods for getting from A to B.
Zoning off where the main users will approach the site aided our decisions on site access and where we decided to have our main axis of transport. Main areas included the city centre, the train station and a popular football stadium in the area.