please send your questions regarding this competition to lostsites@landezine.com, but first, take a look below, maybe the answer you are looking for is already there.

Our team includes an urban planning student but not a landscape architect. Can we still participate?

Yes, you can participate. Profiles like urban design and planning are also accepted as leading disciplines instead of landscape architecture. The jury will evaluate case by case as there are different programmes in different countries, each with its own specifics.

My question is related to the registration part called “Additional information”, specifically the site location and the submission title. Is this the final input or can it be changed later when we submit the material before the deadline?? I’m asking because we wish to register now but this information we don´t know yet …

You may change it later but please write in the final submission material the old and the new name so we will be able to connect your registration to your submission.

Our site is not entirely public, can we still do the redesign and submit it?

As long as your proposal assumes public accessibility is fine. Please feel free to proceed with your site.

Can our students of Masters Degree in Urban Design participate? The course is exclusively focused on landscape architecture?

Yes, they can participate.

It was not possible to study landscape architecture in my country up until recently. We have a diploma in architecture. Can we still participate?

There are some exceptions. Please let us know your age and country and we will answer as soon as possible.

One of our team members is not from the eligible countries specified in the competition rules. Can she take part in the competition?

It doesn’t matter where the participants are from. Only the sites need to be from eligible countries.

My 36th birthday is on December 10th, can I still participate if my team submits the material before I am 36?

The competition is for students and young designers that were born on or after December 15th, 1986. It is very difficult to define youth, but there has to be a hard-line/restriction set somewhere. Designers can not participate if they were born before 15 Dec 1986.

We wish to pick a site in Ukraine, but obviously, we can’t visit. Can we still pick a Ukrainian site?

Yes of course. Use the available tools (Google Maps, Google Street View etc.) to analyze the site best as you can and develop a design.

We have just submitted our work and would like to promote it on social media, are there any hashtags you want us to include?

No!!! Please keep your work private! Don’t share anything publicly before the announcement of the results! Sharing your submission publicly before the announcement of the winners will disqualify your team.

Is there a template for the A3 booklet we should be following?

No. It is up to you how you design the booklet or how you distribute the content across the 10 pages.

We would like to use one of the existing projects we made at the university last semester. Is that allowed?

Sure, if it fits the competition brief and the competition rules, why not? But make sure to use the format of the competition (A3 pdf booklet, max 10 pages).

Good evening, kindly can you tell me how can I add the name of the participants?

For the online registration, each team must select one contact person. The contact person will register the team alone. After registration, you will receive the material (empty folders) with instructions. In the folders, there will be a Word file where you will be able to list all your team members.

One of the professors from our university is on your jury. Can our team still participate in the competition?

If your professor is on the jury, your university can’t participate or register teams. But you can participate on your own with your fellow students and designers and students of other disciplines. If a professor will recognize the identity of designers behind a submission, they will need to recuse from voting on that submission.