Experimental Landscape

Winnipeg / Canada /
Team: Simranpreet Kaur /
Jury Statement:

The site is located on the Fort Gary Campus at the University of Manitoba, Canada. The total area of the campus is 573 acres, while the site area is 28.88 acres. The site is enclosed by University Crescent on west, Dafoe Road on north, Freedman Crescent on south and Maclean Crescent on eastern direction. It is seen as a lost site as despite it being present in the core campus, it is ignored by everyone and has lost purpose.

The analysis started at the University context that moved into the site at later stages. It was essential to see the connections of the site to the rest of the campus.5.3% of the area is defined as roads, 11.6% as buildings and 11.7% as parking. The tree cover counted to be 9.8%. It was very quickly discovered that the campus had more parking than the number of buildings present. Observations led to the conclusion that the parking was not being used to its maximum potential that gave the opportunity to use the asphalt deserts for better purposes.

On the site, it was observed that the vegetation numbers were considerably low. Even in the parking lots, rare to no trees were planted. The circulation was confusing and discontinuous. Sharing the roads became quite difficult for the pedestrian and cyclists. Through the entrance towards King’s drive, the axis of the pathway is quite confusing to vehicles and pedestrians due to its misalignment. Parking lots are not used to its full capacity. The busiest of parking lots on weekdays at mornings were about 50% full. That would be the maximum. On lower levels, some of them were completely empty.