Eco-bond Between Industry And History

Genova / Italy /
Team: Hengxing Cao / Pei Ma / Yiyun Cao /

Genova, the capital of the Liguria region in Italy, is one of the most important port cities in Italy and in the Mediterranean Sea. However, Genova is also called the coastal city without the sea. Because the heavy industrial ports have blocked all the view of the sea to the citizens. Not only that, a large number of industrial ports and factories also have a great impact on the environment, such as pollution and flood risk.

By reading the context of the coastal line of Genova, we found several lost sites that are not fully used by ports and factories and have great potential to be reused as a medium connecting the city and the sea.

We propose to create an Eco-Bond to activate the coastal line and connect the industrial identity and historical heritage of Genova. We selected six lost sites to revitalize and connect them with continuous pedestrian-oriented streets. Each lost site will become a new urban space for citizens and provide different experiences according to their unique identities. Eco-bond makes the previously inaccessible seaside lost sites have been turned into a drawcard, bringing the water back to Genova again.

The journey through this path will cross the harbor, industrial ports, industrial landscape, and urban infrastructure. The six sites represent important identities of Genova, sea, industry, heritage, port, and urban fabric. The revitalization of the site maintains and emphasizes its characteristics and creates different atmospheres. The Eco-Bond offers a new chance for people to interact with water closely and to percept and experience the industrial culture and historical heritage of the city.

Our vision for this project is to rethink the relationship between the fundamental industry with public open spaces. How could we ease the negative impact of industry on the city and how balance the citizens’ needs with economic development? The Eco-Bond provide a new opportunity to organize the industrial landscape and make them become part of the urbanscape.