Die Schlagd – Reaktivierter Umschlagpunkt

Kassel / Germany /

Ever since Kassel was founded around 913, „die Schlagd“ has existed on the banks of the Fulda. The name is derived from the Saxon word „slachten“ and stands for river structures that provide a docking place for ships and a transshipment point for good. In a central location, the riverbank was fort- ified with poles for trade.

“Die Schlagd“ stretches along the western bank of the Fulda between the „Bleichwiese“ with the adjoining „Grünanlage Finkenherd“ in the north and the „Fuldaaue“ in the southwestern direction. From the pedestrian zone, this area can be reached by foot in 5 minutes. Given its central location and historic setting with waterfront access, this site (actually) offers high potential to balance the urban qualities of the adjacent, traffic-intensive, noisy, and heavily sealed neighbourhoods. However, „die Schlagd“ currently serves mainly as a transit area between urban and green recreation areas. The edge of the riverbank is obscured by parked cars, thereby, the automobility comes to the fore and reduces the experienceable space for visitors. The attractiveness of the site is also diminished by the lack of amenities, recreational opportunities, and a high degree of surface sealing. However, numerous traces of appropriation and conversion in the overgrown ruderal area clearly show what potential is hidden in the „Schlagd“.

After the redesign, this „lost place“ should be considered a holistic landscape concept that can be more than a pass-through hinge between other local recreation areas. A functional, connecting space is to be created that offers atmospheric qualities of stay and transforms from a transit site to a destination. The idea is to create a functional, connecting space that offers atmospheric qualities of stay and transforms from a place of transit to a place of destination.