As Londoners, we’ve always wondered where tourists go after visiting Tower Bridge. Crossing the river to south London can be confusing for someone who doesn’t know the Borough and/or Bermondsey area. Apart from the historic Borough Market, the rich life of the area isn’t overtly advertised, and the many food and cultural offers are sometimes located in hard-to-find places. But if one looks closely, the neighbourhood is teaming with local trades, galleries, micro-breweries, hydroponic farms

and independent shops that give north Southwark its unique character, within only a 15 minutes walk. From Bermonsdey’s beer-mile, Druid street and Maltby markets to craft workshops for glass blowing and ceramics, north Southwark is full of community-based businesses thanks to government incentives, low-rent commercial spaces under the railway arches and/or historic businesses that have been operating for decades.

Over the past few years, south London’s urban fabric has changed dramatically. Speculative property investments, large-scale developments, tourism and international chains have increased property value and put pressure on small local businesses. Craft Corner is about a tiny site in the midst of it all, sitting between the old and the new, the north and the south.