Special Mention:
City Lungs- Landscape Blocks on Sites Lost To High Rise Development

Dublin / Ireland /
Team: Barbara Lidia Steczkiewicz / Evan Bailey / Nicole Leung /
Jury Statement: City Lungs is an innovative community space that offers a vertical landscape in a place initially intended for high-rise buildings. The jury appreciated this inviting urban jungle and, more specifically, the creative use of light, vegetation and levels.

Tall multi-story buildings can feel like oppressing towers that can evoke unplesent emotions such as confusion, fear and disorientation but non the less more and more people are moving into cities and such development is essencial to facilitatate the number of people and vehicles.

To counter-balance this loss of human scale within cities like Dublin, the capital of Ireland, we are proposing the concept of City Lungs_ Lansdacpe Blocks. This concept introduces a new typology of a multi-story public outdoor space accessible to all, on site which are intended for high rise development of office, hotels and shopping stores in city centre. These landscape blocks have the potential to change peoples opinion of high-rise buildings to a more positive ones if on some development sites these public spaces would be built for public use.