Boavista Brook Park

Porto / Portugal /
Team: Cláudio Graça / Marta Martins / Ricardo Pereira / Tatiana Cardoso /
Jury Statement:

When analyzing mobility, it is possible to perceive the ease of access to the space from the car, due to its location adjacent to Avenida da Boavista. It is also easy to access by public transport, with stops in both directions, along the entire Avenida da Boavista.

The existing bike path on the Avenue ends just before reaching the space. With this proposal, we intend to contribute to its extension, with the design of soft mobility throughout the park, allowing everyone to circulate.

We can also see that most services and offices are concentrated along Boavista Avenue.
The main points of interest althougt, are the presence of two elementary and secondary schools, as well as a football stadium for the local team. And in contrast, further west, a predominantly residential area, called Foco.