Berlin / Germany /
Team: Youfang Duan / Yulei Zhang /
Jury Statement:

Berlin has long been known as a cultural capital with a unique urban life that has produced many artists that are creating with a broad range of media. In the past decade the city’s culture has attracted new residents, driving up the cost of living and threatening the once vibrant art and music scenes. As rents rise, artists are vulnerable, losing their ability to live in gentrifying neighborhoods and unable to afford spaces to produce or exhibit their work. Qualities of urban sites, which were full of artists and artworks, are lost.

In this project, the goal is to transform the street into an art-driven streetscape that is an incubator for the art production and exhibition to promote a diverse social, cultural, and economic condition. Through the hybridization of street art (graffiti, murals) and fine art (painting and sculpture) as well as a merger between the physical and virtual, the design creates a spatial program that articulates the role of art in the city and brings vivid urban outdoor spaces back to the city.