A Garden for the Forgotten

Utrecht / The Netherlands /
Team: Daniel Barrero / Jan Houweling / Lotte Oppenhuis / Rikke ter Horst /
Jury Statement:

The ruin of the historic brick factory ‘De Liesbosch’ reminds the visitor of the large-scale brick production from the 17th century. Utrecht was an important city for trade because of its central location in the Netherlands and its location along the Rhine river.

The facades of the factory remain today, embedded in a park-like setting. The location however, has become isolated from the rest of the city and its maintenance has been neglected. With the growing need for housing, it’s likely that this site’s history will be completely erased and make place for housing.

The location is strongly connected to the Vaartsche Rijn canal, which is connected to the city centre of Utrecht. With the growing population of Utrecht, the city centre and its little green spaces have become overrun, and people are looking for new places for recreation.