Monday 27 March 2023: We are thrilled to announce the Streetlife Design Competition Prizes! We thank the jury, and all participants and we congratulate the recognized teams!

Watch the entire award ceremony with presentations of submissions.

See the recognized proposals below.

First Prize: Rebirth: a food’s tale

Team: Aikaterini Ntavou / Laura Peralta /

Rebirth: A Food's Tale successfully combines urban food production with social inclusiveness and, more broadly, issues of environment and public space. It achieves many goals seemingly intertwined on an aesthetically confident site plan. The team envisions a different future on a small scale, suggesting new uses while establishing a fruitful and inviting space for social interaction and also a platform for biodiversity. The project also acts as an advocate, raising awareness of the food production processes and healthy urban environment.

Second Prize: The Golden Connection

Team: Alex Pontes de Albuquerque / Isabelle Caroline de Freitas / Mariana Coelho Andrade Horta / Mayara Ledo Mendes /

The Golden Connection deals with stitching together a highly fragmented campus space in Porto. Besides connecting the spaces into a new functional whole, the team took the assignment further and introduced a notion of verticality of the landscape. The brass-textured skywalk, in playful relation with the space and trees, offers a new, vibrant dimension to the space and acts as an amenity. The project further excels in using a creative palette of materials and establishes its own formal language resulting in a series of inviting and useful ambiences.

Third Prize: RESURFACING – designing with instability

Team: Delacoste Lucie / Federico Marchese / Steffy Chammanikkodath /

Resurfacing is a poetic intervention that deals with the potential for the design with natural processes hidden below the asphalt surface. It uncovers the underlying strata and focuses on various levels of found effervescence. The jury recognized the depth of the analysis and the imaginative use of simple design means that establish a landscape with almost nothing, simply through subtraction, namely, perforating the asphalt surface.

Special Mentions

Gas to Green
Team: Hao Yan / Jiakun Wen / Keren Zhang / Yang Yu /

The jury recognises the visionary and experimental approach to the issues of gas stations in the light of a more sustainable future. The project proposes a new kind of typology of urban farming that can, in a design sense, act as a landmark. Type B of the Green station can act as a community hotspot providing a new kind of platform for social encounters.
Craft Corner
Team: Paul Bourel / Vladimir Guculak /

Craft Corner is a house-based open space that offers social space on the intersection between being inside and outside. An architecture-focused design offers shelter, view, restaurant and interesting, more intimate ambiences. The jury appreciated the design of this landscape structure in such a limited space.
City Lungs- Landscape Blocks on Sites Lost To High Rise Development
Team: Barbara Lidia Steczkiewicz / Evan Bailey / Nicole Leung /

City Lungs is an innovative community space that offers a vertical landscape in a place initially intended for high-rise buildings. The jury appreciated this inviting urban jungle and, more specifically, the creative use of light, vegetation and levels.

Other finalists

Alexanderplatz – The Habitat Approach
Team: Andreas Ebert / Gero Engeser / Niclas Ruppert /
A Garden for the Forgotten
Team: Daniel Barrero / Jan Houweling / Lotte Oppenhuis / Rikke ter Horst /
Throughline: An Exploration of Third Space
Team: Anjelic Owens / Jessica Arias /
Y Gors
Team: Aphra Das Gupta / Henry Westphal-Reed / Lenka Rajmont /
Industrial Landscape Built on Past
Team: Caroline Mellström / Diana Moskalenko / Ivan Rybalko / Oleksandra Kirpichnikova / Sofiia Shmalko / Veronika Chertova /
(not so) lost site
Team: Eliška Štainerová / Kristina Molnárová / Nina Olekšáková / Paulína Demovičová / Tomáš Koudelka /